Phases of the Online Brand Protection
We combine different tools to provide our clients with an effective brand protection strategy.


We rapidly extract online contents of any kind with professional software that drastically reduces the time needed to collect relevant data.


We identify any brand violations quickly, thoroughly and accurately thanks to innovative algorithms that enhance our analytical capabilities.


We present the results in clear reports and share them with clients on our own secure Argo Online Brand Protection platform with a user-friendly dashboard.


We guarantee the removal of brand violations from the internet in a matter of days by sending takedown notices to Internet service providers. This approach allows our clients to avoid legal procedures and instead achieve the desired results in a cost-effective and time-effective manner.


Extraction of online contents

Professional crawling techniques are very different from searching for anything on the internet manually. Our software allows us to automatically extract the desired data from online channels of any kind, including search engines, social networks, e-commerce platforms and generic websites. This is how we are able to monitor the online presence of a client continuously and very accurately.

Analysis and Reporting

Cloud platform for the Online Brand Protection

We have created Xview, a business intelligence cloud platform exclusive for clients of Argo. On Xview we share insights and reports in a secure way and in a clear format.

The platform allows the clients to monitor IP rights violations detected online and the results of our brand protection actions.
Xview enables our clients to filter their data to review specific cases or case categories in detail.
The export function allows the clients to easily export search results and data visualizations, for example to include them in corporate reports.


Takedown of the violations

Our ultimate goal is to ensure that any illicit contents that harm our clients are removed from the Internet as quickly as possible. We work with Internet service providers to take down contents posted or social media, marketplaces and other websites, as well as to take down entire illicit websites and portals. This procedure has proven quick and effective in countless cases.