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The online brand protection activity defends a brand in the online world. Online violations, such as counterfeit products, phishing, and other Intellectual Property abuses, affect your company’s revenues and damage your brand reputation.

Counterfeit products

Counterfeits are most easily sold on e-commerce platforms, social networks and scam websites. Accordingly, brand protection activities aim at identifying and removing online listings of the counterfeit products. Additionally, monitoring tools allow our clients to scan the Internet regularly to discover new violations as soon as they appear online, and to react to them adequately.

Unauthorized use of trademarks

Popular trademarks are often abused to manipulate search engine algorithms and attract users to listings of competing brands or cheaper alternatives. Dishonest sellers include these trademarks in titles or descriptions of their products or hide them in websites’ codes. Thus, consumers searching for an established brand end up buying a similar product of a different brand, decreasing the sales of the trademark’s legitimate owner.

Domain names monitoring

Registered trademarks and copyrighted images, including logos, are illegally published on so-called scam websites made specifically to mislead customers. Scam artists most often recreate websites of shipping companies, banks and other financial institutions. However, many illicit websites claim to be fashion outlets or authorized resellers of design products. They collect online payments without ever shipping any products to customers and/or they collect consumers’ personal data to sell them on the black market.


Grey market

The terms Grey market and parallel import refer to the phenomenon of importing goods to a specific region or country without the authorization of the trademark owner. At Argo, we equip our clients with adequate technology to regularly monitor the online distribution of their products and detect suspicious cases.

Copyright infringements

It is illegal to use copyrighted materials (including video footage, images, music and other audio recordings) without the permission of the copyright owner.

Argo specialises in discovering these violations and taking action to remove unauthorized copies from the internet. By sending takedown notices directly to Internet service providers, we ensure that they are removed immediately and without legal expenses.


Design and patent infringements

Some products sold on e-commerce platforms and social networks feature designs or components copied from patented originals but without a license from the patents’ owners. This illegal phenomenon is most diffused in automotive, furniture and lighting industries.

At Argo we apply image recognition and text analysis technologies while scanning the internet in search of such violations. Once identified, we report them directly to Internet service providers, leading to removal of the listings in question in a matter of days.

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