Defend your brand on the Internet

Stop wasting your time on manual searches for violations.


Defend your brand on the Internet

Discover the professional expertise and technology at your service.


Defend your brand on the Internet

Don’t let the fakes destroy your business.



Stop wasting your time on manual searches for violations.

Find out whether your brand is affected by Intellectual Property violations.

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If left unprotected in the virtual world, your brand risks economic losses and reputation damage.

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Our methodology

We combine different tools to provide our clients with an effective brand protection strategy.



We rapidly extract online contents of any kind with professional software that drastically reduces the time needed to collect relevant data.



We identify any brand violations quickly, thoroughly and accurately thanks to innovative algorithms that enhance our analytical capabilities.



We present the results in clear reports and share them with clients on our own secure Argo Online Brand Protection platform with a user-friendly dashboard.



We guarantee the removal of brand violations from the internet in a matter of days by sending takedown notices to Internet service providers. This approach allows our clients to avoid legal procedures and instead achieve the desired results in a cost-effective and time-effective manner.